Who We Are?

We are a specialized Laboratory for Lingual (Hidden Braces) and Labial Indirect Bonding Orthodontic Lab techniques and Services for customers from all over the world.

With years of experience doing thousands of Lingual cases using various techniques, we have also developed techniques and teach them to others.

As the official laboratory for the IN-tendo technique which was developed by our Director Peter Sheffield, we also manufacture and sell the instruments used in that technique…the T.T.S. or Tip and Torque Surveyor (The NEW T.A.D. which was the first ever Digital TARG back in 2005!) and the B.P.I. or Bracket Positioning Instrument. More details can be found about these instruments via our IN-tendo website or Facebook page

The same techniques are also applied for Precise Indirect Bonding of Labial Orthodontic cases, either to standard prescriptions of your choice or by totally individualizing the cases, but whichever way we do it, the torque in the Orthodontic bracket slot is controlled accurately by these instruments, positioning them with relation to the morphology of the teeth.

Our services are very competitive with regards to prices and turn-around time and we are happy to bond whatever brackets you like to send.